Martha's Program

A  fearless, friendly & completely different approach
to sustained weight-loss.


Would your life seem
more manageable
if you could stop worrying about food?

For many of us,

Weight Problem = Food Addiction

If you’ve tried and tried again with diet plans, exercise plans and weight-loss programs, I have a different approach--and it might be just the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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As many as 69% of American adults are overweight. 38% of Americans are battling obesity. And tens of millions of people try diet after diet, only to fail to keep weight off or, even worse, gain it all back and more.

But now, there’s a way to get to the true cause of weight gain for the estimated 75% of overweight people who are also food addicts. It’s a proven, science-based program that helps you manage your weight by overcoming your food addiction. We call it “Martha’s Program” in part because I created it, but also because I needed to find a solution to my own weight and food addiction problems.

I’m living proof that my program can work, and I want to help you achieve your own success.